Nowadays, everyone has a car—some, even two! The biggest problem with having a car is maintaining it and modifying it to become more useful to you. However, since the Financial Crisis, the economy has not yet recuperated to the extent we would have wanted it to. For that reason, many people shy away from modifying their cars because they are not sure whether they would need that money later on. In this article, we will give you some tips and ideas on what cheap modifications to buy when you have a budget of one thousand pounds!

Spend money to save money!

Car modifications are not just those that improve the vision of the car. They can be anything from new tires and important fixes, to fuel-efficiency improvements. As such, modifying your car’s fuel efficiency can be looked on as a very good idea because it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Actually, many experts recommend this to every car owner. If you have a car that wastes fuel, you will end up spending all your hard-earned money on the ever-more-expensive fuel. Fuel-efficiency modifications can cost anywhere from 150 to 600 pounds, so you have a lot of choice!

Visuals are important, too!

Some might claim that improving the way a car looks is a pointless investment that bears no real value. That cannot be further from the truth. Investing into new and stylish rims, undercar lighting or anything else can bring satisfaction and happiness is important as it will help the owners relax, make it easier for them to work harder, improve their work efficiency, etc. In fact, some of these car modifications are quite cheap so you would not have to go anywhere near your 1,000 pound budget.

Fix it now to avoid paying later!

Lastly, it is important to note that timely repairs are some of the best car modifications that can be made. If you pay a bit now to fix something that is faulty, you are making sure that you won’t be paying a lot for it later on. Even though these modifications might bring you close to the 1,000 pounds, you can be certain that no sudden breakdowns and problems would occur at any time in the future!

Since the Financial Crisis, many people have been very careful as to what loans they take out. However, this overly careful attitude to loans has made it hard for the people to see the benefits that can be accrued from a good investment, such as car modifications. Here, we will examine why getting a loan to modify your car is a pretty good idea, which can save you a lot in the long run.

getting a loanIt is important to note that car modification can come in many different forms. For example, some people can change their cars outdated technology while others would prefer to invest the money in decorations. Depending on which one you aim to go for, the benefit can be either a good one, if you want to invest in increasing the efficiency, or negative, if you plan on just adding decorative elements. Following, we will be only using efficiency enhancing modifications to illustrate our point.

The money you take out will have to be paid back with a bit of extra—that is for certain! However, if skip out on the modification investment and you keep driving your old car, which probably has serious fuel efficiency problems, you will end up wasting a lot more money than the interest on the taken out money would require. Just imagine the difference in your fuel consumption a modification can make, such as an engine change or replacement of its ineffective parts. Of course, you will have to pay a high sum for the change but from then on, you will spend a lot less fuel, which, especially in the UK, is definitely not cheap!

As long as you take out money to pay for wise modifications, even if they would require you to pay 7-10% interest rate, it would be worth it. A simple investment in fuel efficiency can make your long-run costs decrease substantially; also, a timely modification can prevent your car from breaking down, which will not only incur a lot of expenses, but will also waste a great deal of your time!

A good way of getting short term money for any car modifications or even repairs is look into loans for bad credit. These offer you an instant amount of money when you need it, meaning you can sort your car out as fast as possible.

Cars have been deemed as the second home for many people because most people spend a majority of their time travelling in their cars, i.e. commuting from one place to another. Since cars are so important to people therefore they put in extra effort to ensure that their cars remain visually appealing and are a pleasure to drive. This can be achieved through car loan

Modification of cars is a very popular pastime for people around the world because this process allows one to add one’s own unique touches to the vehicle in order to make it stand out from the crowd. Thus, when you modify your car, you will not be left with some generic mass-produced vehicle, but something which has your personal touches to it. Now, these are just cosmetic modifications, therefore they don’t really affect the way the car runs or functions.

The most common objective of car modification would be to make it look more or less like a mean-looking race car. There are many companies that supply parts required for car modification such as Spax, Koni, Spareco and so on. You can purchase suspension parts, exhausts, rims, body kits, steering wheels, alloy pedals, fancy gear knobs and sophisticated race seats and harnesses from these companies. Thus, if you want to give your car a makeover then this is the best way of transforming its appearance!

If you do not have a huge budget to work with but you want to transform the way your car looks significantly then you can opt for a new set of wheels. Wheels are very prominent features of a car therefore any changes made to these would definitely bring a big change to the way the car looks. Another popular type of car-modification would be the installation of tinted windows. Not only does this protect the passengers from the glare of the sun but it also provides a sense of privacy.

There are plenty to choose from when it comes to vehicle modification, which will leave you spoilt for choice.